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Because the best ideas are not recognized

Many VCs focus on traction as a way to recognize a good idea. If you are able to prove your product/market fit and show sufficient traction, they might invest and tell you they will help. But the truth is, they cannot really help because they can only spend 2-3% of their fund on staff costs. They might give you money but not the human capital you need to be successful.
We believe the best ideas often do not have any traction yet. Most companies simply struggle to find product/market fit because their teams lack creativity or do not have the right resources to accelerate. These teams don’t need money but creative people to help them find the road towards success. Adding the right resources will allow the team to achieve their goals.
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When people and purpose meet

We understand the importance of funding but we embrace a human capital first approach. Top teams possess a growth mindset, do not shy away from conflict, are psychologically safe, optimize for results and share the same purpose.
The right team will pivot towards a product/market fit similar to Netflix (started as a mail-order DVD service), AirBnB (providing a housing solution around conferences) and Twitter (started as Odeo, a podcasting platform).
The right group of people with a shared purpose has the passion and power to achieve almost anything.

Can we be succesful together?

A briliant idea is great, but we want to see more. You need to have a team, a company and at least a minimum viable product or service. You need help to realize product/market fit or accelerate your growth.
Before we start working together, we will need to get acquainted and see if there is a match. We will take a trip down your memory lane to understand your why, your drive and purpose.
Next we will need to look into our chances to be successful together. Are you able and willing to pivot? To what extend are you open to change the team and/or product in order to achieve success? And, is there still time to pivot together? When it is between 11:15 and 11:45 we tend to go for it.
Since we want to be entrepreneurs together, we will ask for a share of your company in return for the services we provide. Our goals will always be 100% aligned.
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We understand you want to know all about our why.
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Connecting to market, assist to accelerate

Once we have agreed on terms and conditions, we can start working together. Since every company is different, and we are creative, our approach is tailored to fit the circumstances.

Together we will define potential (future) value propositions and decide on the best way forward.
We provide hands-on assistance. Our people support all marketing efforts (website, packaging, branding, PR, social media) and we use our business network to find the perfect product/market fit (access to markets). We will find the right people to extend the team (access to talent) and we can provide assistance to raise more money if needed (access to capital).
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We are always looking for new people who can strengthen our team as an assiocate partner
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