About us

We invest our time and money. Personally.

We believe that passionate people deserve a fair chance.

We started Creative Capital Studio because traditional investors all use very similar criteria. Therefore, they zoom in on the same targets and only serve what’s already there. Co-creation and innovation are not their expertise, and their limited management fee doesn’t allow them to be hands-on.

We believe that investors should invest more based on what can be. The world is moving at such a pace that we cannot base our decisions on historic results.

And we believe that talented people with a purpose deserves a fair chance. Because where people and purpose meet, that is where innovation will take place.

We bring experience and our own passion.

The general partners of Creative Capital Studio are experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs, with a successful track record in investments and a hands-on approach.

They know an opportunity when they see it, and personally commit to growth.

Ron van Bijsterveld

General partner

Hans Paul Brandt

General partner

Joachim de Sterke

General partner

Ron van Bijsterveld…

  • International serial entrepeneur in IT and Logistics with multiple exits
  • Bootstrapped an IT business, growing it into a company with an 8 figure revenue
  • Seed stage investor
  • Multiple advisory board member positions
  • Jury member and author


Hans Paul Brandt…

  • Identity and brand consultant with 30+ years of experience in an international environment
  • Founder and former CEO of Total Identity
  • Seed stage investor
  • Lecturer, jury member, advisory board member and author


Joachim de Sterke…

  • GP and CFO of PhotonDelta (EUR. 246M Deep Tech growth fund)
  • 2x venture backed SaaS founder
  • Multiple expert panel, board and advisory positions
  • Guest lecturer at Eindhoven university of Technology (TU / e)


We connect people and bring value doing so.

We bring the chance they deserve to make their mark, and the right resources to achieve this to Entrepreneurs.

We bring collaboration with inspiring colleagues and a new way to enjoy a better return on their services to Creative Partners.

We bring accelerated financial and social returns by people-centered investing in companies without optimal product/market fit with limited risks to Limited Partners.

We are investors that cherish their own values.

We are passionate about our goals and how far a good idea might travel.

We are trustworthy in our cooperation and committed to the long term.

We are straightforward in our approach and confronting if needed.

We are entrepreneurial in our ideas and creative in our results.

Frequently asked questions.


We are always looking for new creative our limited partners to join our platform. Contact us if you’re interested!

Send us your pitch here and we will contact you!

The best and brightest entrepreneurs who are clear on their own and their company’s purpose.

Ensuring founders of all backgrounds have equal access to game-changing support and funding.

We believe the best enterpreneurs are not only driven by money, but will always look for some form of social return as well.

We are glad you ask, go here.

We believe purposeful people will continue where others stop trying. Purpose will also act as a north star to attract and retain talent.

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