Our approach

We take 3 steps towards success with you. Personally.

We explore. We engage. We accelerate.

We commit to passion and purpose from the very beginning. We explore current setups and possible improvements. We expand on existing ideas and build future perspectives.

We team up and invest our money, time, and expertise as an added part of the companies we invest in. We change behavior, strategies, business models, marketing, product visions and teams.

We fund whatever needed to enlarge success. And we ensure acceleration of these changes by building a solid base for future, autonomous growth.

We invest human and financial capital.

We will build on the company’s purpose to explore potential paths towards success, by investing human capital.

We will support the pivot of the company towards success, by investing human and financial capital.

And we will invest the remaining financial capital to accelerate in the direction the company has taken.

We balance our involvement.

We know the difference between co-creating and taking over. We involve ourselves as much as needed for co-entrepreneuring, but remain distant enough to retain the energy within the company’s team.

It’s the entrepreneur’s company – and our investment.

We fade in, and we fade out.

We will be on board long enough to pivot the company towards success – and no longer.

We will fill the gap between what the company has and what it needs for the change we want to achieve – and recruit our own successors to continue the job.

And all the time, the entrepreneur and the existing team will be in charge – exploring, changing, and accelerating together with us.

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