Our Platform

Our platform connects people.

Everything we do is personal.

We are people-centered investors. We connect and we act ourselves. We organize, we bring structure, personally and hands-on if needed.

We team up with entrepreneurs who have a purpose and are passionate about what they can achieve. We invest our time and money to pivot them towards success. We make success a personal issue because we want purpose driven people to succeed.

So we do not invest in companies – we invest in people. We do not consist of experts – we consist of people. And we do not offer return on investment – we offer return on people.

We connect seasoned professionals to passionate entrepreneurs.

If we are to provide added value, we need to not only cherish your brilliant ideas – but bring them further. Knowing in which direction you might go, is vital. But asks for experience.

These are the people that form Creative Capital Studio. Experienced, creative, cooperative and passionate professionals, in strategy, product development, marketing, recruitment, legal, and finance.

If we count today, together they bring some 399 years of experience to the companies we invest in. And we are still counting on more.

Karel-Jan van Kesteren

Concept & business

Johanna Siebein


Mark Zuurhout

Senior developer

Nicole van de Velde

Sustainable brand driven innovator

Aatjan Renders


Dirk Laucke


Astrid van Heumen

Executive coach & recruiter

Pim Lorjé

Online Problem Solver


Stijn van Diemen

Strategy & Marketing

Ronald Wanink

Product management & CTO

Jan Paul van Vliet

Strategy execution

Paul ter Linden

Navigating strategy change

Michel Deters

Recruitment specialist

Menno van Dijk

Strategist, entrepreneur

Gert-Jan de Jong

Catalyzing creativity

We offer superior financial and social returns.

We offer funding to passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs. We provide access to deals for anyone looking for a well-protected investment as a Limited Partner.

Based on our people-centered investment strategy, we invest in companies prior to optimal product/market fit resulting in accelerated financial and social returns.

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